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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Drive-thru washing for dirty dogs

BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Drive-thru washing for dirty dogs

Drive-thru washing for dirty dogs

Unloved mutts in a West Midlands dog home are being spruced up for potential owners thanks to two newly installed automatic dog washes. The Birmingham Dogs Home charity, which looks after 7,000 dogs, says they will save staff valuable time when it comes to washing the unwanted pets.

Dogs are put through the wash at the same time as the family car.

Staff put the dogs inside and then set the machines to shampoo, rinse or blow dry so the dogs can wash and go.

A Shropshire garage also has a dog wash machine which is proving popular.

Shampoo and rinse

Chris Evans, of the 24-hour BP Garage in Trench Lock, Telford, says he has even seen people arriving to wash their pets during the early hours of the morning.

Sunday afternoons are popular with families.

He said: "People go out for the day and their pets come back muddy and they put their dogs through the wash while putting their cars through the car wash."

The coin-operated machine has a bench which the dog can sit or stand on.

"The dog jumps on and the owners use a sort of hose-pipe which is a bit like a power shower," Mr Evans said.

"The dog gets a shampoo and a rinse and most people will give them a blow-dry too.

"Most dogs love it and it saves the owners from bending over when washing them in the bath."

BBC NEWS | England | Garage's automatic 'dogwash'

Garage's automatic 'dogwash'

The devices are popular in Spain

A Herefordshire garage is offering its customers the chance to clean their dogs at the same time as their cars. Stephen Morgan, the proprietor of Newtown Cross Garage, Lower Egleton, Ledbury, has installed an automatic "dogwash" after spotting the devices while on holiday in Spain.

The £15,000 system has a 12-minute cycle and four programmes, including shampoo, rinse, delousing and blow-dry.

Mr Morgan said the facility, which boasts a height-adjustable platform, had attracted about 30 canine customers since its installation last Friday.

"I first saw them when I was on holiday in Spain, where most forecourts have them, and they seem to be very popular," he said.

"Washing a dog at home can be a nightmare and this is proving to be a popular alternative."


I think that's a winner!


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