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Friday, June 17, 2005


Live Feeds Added to PetLvr.com - [The Blog]

I modify the design of [The Blog] practically every day now, to make it user friendly. I hope that I have been accomplishing this goal. I would like to let everybody know that I am not 100% complete yet, and may never be. This site, like any website, will always be subject to constant revision and change. So, please feel free to give me feedback to let me know how I'm doing.

Do you like the changes? Do you hate the changes? Have you noticed any changes? Do you have any suggestions? You can email me at hart@PetLvr.com or you can enter a comment in the Tag-Board down the left side (please do not spam me or the Tag-Board) ... I will get your message or come chat with you in Real-Time. You are also welcome to click on the comments link to the right of the mini Papillon icon to post a comment and permanently contribute your thoughts to this blogsite.

I was online today with a 'chat buddy' on MSN Messenger, and I typed the URL for this website so the person can bookmark it. I was asked ..

"How come the page is so long?"

"Well, I will tell you why" I said...

Everybody hates to scroll left to right with their mouse but they don't really mind scrolling up and down. My Logitech Cordless Click! optical mouse has that center roller button and even if you don't use one, if you click above or below the scrolling bar on the right it will advance by a page screen view. Really .. the page has to load anyway ... why not load all of the pages into memory all at once while you are reading? or while you get a cup of coffee before reading?

That's why!

Of course, that's how I like it when I read other people's blogs. I really don't know why some blogs have their settings set at 1 post per page. I have to go through the archives to figure out what the blog was talking about. Is this where the future of blogs is going? I hope not. That's silly! You don't have time to hunt down every article or service or product or price list in a blog or website ... it's the same for me. Time is money.

So, my settings, here in blogspot, is set to list 100 posts upon loading. Besides loading up everything into memory, there is a dual reason. I do it for the section called ARCHIVES - BY POST so it will list down the left side column a 100 headlines to choose from. If I had my settings for only 5 posts, only 5 headlines would show up. The archives "BY POST" and "BY MONTH" are created automatically. The Menu drop-down links are not. With these links I am periodically updating the link (the human way) and sorting them out by topic. While this is a relatively easy thing to do, I am noticing how much bigger my template file is becoming and wonder if I might have to drop this feature in the future, to save the template.

But, you can be assured that if I do drop one feature or design, I will come up with another to replace it. For instance, I have added a new link today, which you will see at the top of every blog entry and looks like this:

| News Feeds |.

If you click on this "hot" link, you will jump directly to the top of the new LIVE FEEDS section. I am now linking up with CatNews.com to automatically retrieve the top 10 cat stories of the day. And, if you are not a cat lover, I have also linked, separately, a feed of 10 miscellaneous animal stories from around the world. If I find any more news feeds, this is the section that I will place it in. I might even pull in some headlines from other blogs.

I don't know. What do you think? Let me know.

Take care.

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