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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Purina 'Em-barks' on Forefront of Download Technology

WSFA TV Montgomery, AL - Purina 'Em-barks' on Forefront of Download Technology

Purina 'Em-barks' on Forefront of Download Technology

ST. LOUIS, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Move over Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez, barking dogs and meowing cats are making their way into mobile phone ringtones -- and with pets in 63-percent of American homes(2), "woof" and "meow" might become more popular than "Switch" and "Hold You Down."

Today, Nestle Purina PetCare announced the introduction of free, pet-related downloadable ringtones and screens, or "wallpaper," for all wireless phone-owning animal lovers to get their paws on. Owners of the 140 million cats and dogs(3) can also manage their pets' happiness purr-fectly by downloading pet advice podcasts or signing up to receive helpful tips delivered directly to their phones -- all for zero bones. Purina is one of the first U.S. consumer packaged goods companies to pioneer this type of free, direct-to-consumer service.

The dowloadable podcasts will give pet-loving audiophiles access to Purina's Animal Advice radio program. New shows will be published every other week and discuss topics such as animal training, pet surgery, behavioral theories and pet insurance. Podcasting allows listeners to download digital audio files, or MP3s, to their computers or portable media players to enjoy whenever and wherever they want. In fact, Steve Jobs recently called podcasting, "the hottest thing going in radio."

Purina's wireless offerings allow people to download pet-related content by visiting Purina's Web site, http://www.purina.com/download , through their mobile phones. There will be an initial offering of five ringtones. Cat lovers, for instance, can select a meowing cat, the Friskies(R) brand "Feelin' Alright" jingle, or the Fancy Feast(R) brand "ping-ping-ping" of a fork on a crystal goblet that is the hallmark of the brand's advertising. Consumers can easily complement their favorite ringtone by decorating their phone screens with one of five wallpapers of adorable cats or vivacious, floppy-eared dogs.

"As one of the leaders in dog and cat science and nutrition, we're excited to continue our commitment to developing and strengthening the relationship between people and their pets by being one of the first to use this technology to offer free, valuable information to pet lovers," said Michael Moore, director of interactive marketing at Purina. "Given the increased popularity in mobile technology, our latest offering is yet another way for people to showcase their love of animals."

How Wireless Works

Purina's wireless communications are available to consumers with AT and T, Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobile carriers, as long as their phones have text messaging (SMS) capabilities. Major brands including Audiovox, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sanyo, Siemens and Sony People are also compatible with the wireless downloads, available at http://www.purina.com/download . With a few additional clicks, they can request to have the pet-care tips sent to their phones.

The content of these helpful cat and dog tips will cover nutrition, health and behavior subjects such as how to help ensure a pet isn't lonely or what a wagging tail really implies. The tips will be sent weekly through a text message and will help owners improve their pets' health and lifestyles.

"Ultimately, this capability allows people to foster healthy relationships and express their passion for their pets," said Moore. "As we continue to improve our site, we will add new and exciting features for cat and dog owners to experience."

Site Renovation

The new wireless download offerings are part of an overall renovation to http://www.purina.com . The renovation will streamline the site's navigation and provide additional resources, such as a Purina activity calendar. The site will continue to feature direct links to Purina's portfolio of brands, supply an expansive collection of pet care information and offer prospective pet owners the opportunity to find the best dog or cat breed for their lifestyle through a breed selector.

In addition, the renovated site will continue to provide links to other sites sponsored by Purina, including http://www.PetFinder.com , which last year was responsible for over 1.5 million pet adoptions, and http://www.DogAge.com , which helps dogs live younger, healthier lives.

To learn more about Purina's wireless downloads visit http://purina.com/download .

(1) The Purina application, ring tones and wallpapers are available from Purina at no charge. However, wireless carriers/service providers may charge a fee for the download or for using the application, depending on the service plan. Interested parties should contact their wireless carriers/service providers for details. (2) APPMA 2005-2006 National Pet Owner Survey. (3) Ibid. CONTACT: Chris O'Donoghue: 312/729-4309 GolinHarris or Kerry Lyman: 314/982-2094 Nestle Purina PetCare Company

CONTACT: Chris O'Donoghue of GolinHarris, +1-312-729-4309, or Kerry Lymanof Nestle Purina PetCare Company, +1-314-982-2094

Web site: http://www.purina.com/http://www.purina.com/download/

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