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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Retired racers looking for homes

The Dothan Eagle | Retired racers looking for homes

Retired racers looking for homes
Greyhounds not as hyper active as many think, group says

Jill Nolin / Eagle Staff Writer
June 5, 2005

Jill Nolin / Eagle Staff Writer
June 5, 2005

Sprawled out lazily on the tiled floor, Donna Your Right didn't look like the type to go anywhere at 45 mph. But Donna, her glory days passed, actually has an exciting race history tucked under her bandanna.

During her 88-race career, she won nine, and in one race she blew away her competitors.

But after more than two years on the track, it's time for Donna to go into retirement.

She is one of the Greyhounds up for adoption right now through the Emerald Coast chapter of Greyhound Pets of America. The organization set up at Petsmart in an effort to better educate the public about a generally misunderstood breed.

For one, they are not as hyper active as most people tend to think, with them often even compared to house cats.

"They're 45 mile-per-hour couch potatoes," said Charlie Tuller, a board member with the volunteer-based, non-profit group.

Elegant and suave, the dogs are also intelligent and loving. Tuller has gotten one of his three Greyhounds certified as a therapy dog. His dog, Chief, is a regular at veterans hospitals.

"They have quick bursts of energy and then they just pass out," said Jennifer Greenley, a Panama City resident with the group.

Just don't try to take them outside in a non-fenced area without a leash.

A bag crossing a parking lot can set the sight-geared dogs into race mode.

And a firm grip on the leash is a must when going for walks, since the dogs tend to be strong.

And for those owners who would like to see the dogs in action, there is a fun run every March called Howliday. The retired racers get together during this time for a more laid back version of what they once did.

The dogs are raised to race, with them going to puppy school before being trained. They're usually around 2 years old when they "hit the board," as they say in the racing circle. They then race for two to five years.

Once their racing careers are over, they become eligible for adoption. They are not euthanized today as they were in the past, according Greenley

Not all of the Greyhounds come with racing backgrounds, since some of the dogs are simply not interested in racing.

Those, the group members said, are simply better pets than racers.

It costs $175 to adopt a Greyhound through the organization. The money collected covers veterinarian fees.

For more information, visit www.greyhoundgang.com or www.adopt-a-greyhound.org.

Dothan Eagle staff writer Jill Nolin can be reached at jnolin@dothaneagle.com or (334) 712-7969. Information about Donna Your Right obtained through www.greyhound-data.com.

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